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20190615 – SUBKULT with Black Magic Fools

A lot of fun on stage with Black Magic Fools at Subkultfestivalen. Although my microphone was about to fall off from my violin after running around on stage, I managed to keep it together and had such a good time! Thanx guys, all of you who came to listen to us, thank you Anders Brosché for the awesome pics and thank you Studiefrämjandet for a great experience!

20181215 – Midvinterblot in the midwinter

Wow!! Such an amazing show at Backstage Rockbar in Varberg, Sweden. One of my Best concert experiences!

Together with Midvinterblot, From North and Black magic fools, we created an atmosphere of craziness and wilderness, pure joy through the whole show!

Midvinterblot was founded in October 2010 by Pamela ”Trollgumma” Wasiluk and Stefan Stolica. The band has been working on its own material ever since and was mostly focused on live gigs which resulted in the band only having one demo recording. During the two years of the band’s existence, some smaller changes in line-up have occurred and the band currently includes seven members.

20180130 – Releaseparty – Euphoria

How awesome it is!
Such a thrill to open the show with my violins and my friend Felicia Ivarsson closing the show with hers. Majestic feeling!It is an inspiring experience to work with Lisa Holmqvist, the composer of the Music! What a team we were!A great job to all the other amazing people that took part in this. Editor Lisa Langseth, how cool you are.Recommend everyone to go see Euphoria!
Opening 2 February 2018.

2013-2015 Suvi – En nordisk resa i Europa

Första Europaturnén blev med artisten och bandet Suvi under 2013 och 2014. Orangeriet, Stockholm – Lilla Hotellbaren, Stockholm – JA JA JA Music, London – The Great Escape, Brighton – Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg – Berlin Music Week, Berlin mm. Vi var också med i radio P4 Stockholm och i Finland radio YLEX.

Suvis musik kan liknas vid soft indiepop, och hon har kallats för Sveriges och Finlands egna Jessie Ware och jämförts med Mew, Woodkid och Madonna.
Vi kommer säkert få höra mer av henne!


Suvi_tour_20140520_hotellbarenmalmen_stockholmSuvi_tour_201405_6 Suvi_tour_201405_8 Suvi_tour_201405_9 Suvi_tour_201405_2 Suvi_tour_201405 Suvi_tour_201405_4 Suvi_tour_201405_3 Suvi_tour_20130427_orangeriet_stockholm Suvi_studio_2015 Suvi_tour_201405_5


2016-05-28 KMH Examenskonsert

En konsert med musik i klassiskt, nyskrivet och egenskrivet. En resa på ett personligt och musikaliskt plan, både i skolan och utanför under de senaste tre åren.

mich_exmen_12 KMH_examenskonsert2016_4 KMH_examenskonsert2016_3 KMH_examenskonsert2016_2Medverkande:
Michelle Barth-Croon – Violin och sång
Katarina Ström-Harg – Piano
Joline Granath – Piano
Johannes Rydén – Cello
Mikaela Seger Nälgård – Sång
Oskar Tjäder – Gitarr och piano
Suvi Richter – Sång
Martin Jarbeck – Gitarr